ASSOCHAM paper reveals shortage of 3 lakh Yoga teachers in India

ASSOCHAM paper reveals shortage of 3 lakh Yoga teachers in IndiaUpdated on : 21-06-2017 09:49 PM
As interest in yoga grows, so do opportunities, both direct and indirect, in terms of training and tourism.

With each passing year, the crowds at the events organized to celebrate International Yoga day keep swelling. More and more Indians are taking up yoga as a fitness regimen, impressed by its ability to improve mental and physical health.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a call for greater participation of yoga in our everyday life. He has also emphasized the huge employment potential that yoga holds.

A paper released by ASSOCHAM states that India faces a shortage of about 3 lakh yoga instructors as against the requirement of over 5 lakhs yoga practitioners.

The study conducted by the ASSOCHAM Social Development Foundation reveals that the current demand for yoga has also translated into greater enthusiasm to take up yoga as career.

As per the paper, with yoga gaining popularity around the world, there's a shortage of trained yoga instructors around the world. The demand for yoga teachers is at an all-time high in Southeast Asia. With an estimated 3,000 Indian yoga instructors teaching in China alone, India has emerged as one of the biggest yoga teachers' exporters to Southeast Asia as well as China.

The study says that with the International Yoga Day giving further impetus to the popularity, yoga is increasingly becoming new currency for fitness. Things will only get better as Yoga catches imagination of more and more people across the globe.

(SA - @21/06)

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