National daily survey gives Modi govt. 'Thumbs Up' after 3 years

National daily survey gives Modi govt. Updated on : 16-05-2017 10:11 PM
Three years to this day, the people of India gave Narendra Modi a mandate to transform India. In a poll conducted by local circles published in leading newspapers, 61 percent of the respondents said the govt. has met their expectations or is doing better than expected.

Even corporate India has rated the govt's performance as excellent. The govt. has done well on all fronts, including in controlling prices. Many have said the single biggest achievement of the govt. is that it is a corruption free govt.

26TH OF MAY, 2014, 10 days after the historic general election results, the day the nation changed tracks. It has now come a long way from economic downturn, policy paralysis & corruption epidemic.

All in the space of 3 years, Tuesday saw a national daily put out an extensive India Inc, markets and common man survey where all segments polled unanimously gave a thumbs up to the Modi govt.

People said India is progressing rapidly under his leadership & his policies are in peoples' interest. The corporate world has given the Modi govt. 7 out of 10 grade for 3 years of its rule, the share market 7 and a half.

According to the survey, in the common man's poll, when asked how you rate the first 3 years of Modi govt., 17% people said it has exceeded expectations. 44% said expectations have been met. 39% said it was below expectations but that's contrary to a total of 61% who felt the govt. is doing as expected or better than expected.

And in the CEO's poll, 45.8% corporate top guns rated the Modi govt's performance as excellent. 40.7% said its average while 13.5% didn't respond.

Responding to whether govt. is on track to deliver on promises, 59% people said yes while 39 felt No, and 9% can’t say.

Controlling price rise was one of the biggest pre-poll promise made by the PM Modi. Three years later, the nation has accepted that the govt. along with the RBI has brought relief on the price war front, 83.1% of corporate bosses believe so.

When asked which is the Modi govt's single biggest achievement till now. 30.5% CEOs said corruption free govt. 37.3 said infra push while 10.2% said the black money crackdown. 6.8% said financial sector reforms.

On the question of the progress of reforms has been pacy, an overwhelming 78% of market respondents said yes. People were also asked whether corruption has reduced and 47% said yes it has.

Giving all possible support to farmers has been the Modi govt's consistent endeavour. 59.3% CEOs said very well and 27.1% said badly to the question related to the govt's handling of the agrarian crisis.

When people were asked about the most effective mission of the govt. 47% said DBT, 29% said Jan Dhan, 16% said Swachh Bharat and 8% polled in favour of make in India.

What's more! 69% of citizen respondents felt optimistic about their family's future in the country. On demonetisation, 54.3% of the corporate honchos felt it was a success. And when the people were asked if demonetisation was successful in tracking down black money, 52% said yes.

The question on foreign policy was do people approve of the way the govt. has handled Pakistan and 64% said yes.

People were also asked whether govt. has been effective in handling issues related to communalism and 61% approved.

Clearly, the survey which covered 200 cities and was conducted over a period of 3 weeks shows that the Modi govt. continues to enjoy the people's confidence 3 years after it came to power.

People believe the govt. is on the right track and its efforts are also bearing fruit in taking the nation forward. Challenges remain such as the job front and the NPA pile up, but the govt. is also on its job.

With a hands on PM who keeps working on solutions, setting tough targets, keeping the country's people at the centre of his vision of a vishwa guru new India.

(SA - @16/05)

National daily survey gives Modi govt.

National daily survey gives Modi govt. 'Thumb...

Updated on : 16-05-2017 10:11 PM
Three years to this day, the people of India gave Narendra Modi a mandate to transform India. In a poll conducted by local circles published in leading newspapers, 61 percent ....
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