Risk of respiratory problems increase in winters

Risk of respiratory problems increase in winters  Updated on : 10-01-2017 09:49 AM
The dip in temperature affects the respiratory system and causes a marginal spurt in viral and respiratory ailments.

Most chest outpatient departments witness an increased flow of patients, particularly those with underlying lung diseases.


Cold air and dry air acts as irritant

Irritation leads to more inflammation

More mucous production

Narrowing of the airways

Increased breathing difficulty

Shortness of breath

Chest tightness

Coughing or wheezing

Increased risk of viral infections

Cold weather and high virus levels can flare up symptoms


Sore throat

Cough and cold


The condition of patients already suffering from respiratory diseases worsen during this time of the year. Some of them may suffer with acute breathlessness and other complications which can be life threatening.


Avoid exposure to cold air

Avoid going out in extremely cold weather

Cover yourself properly while going out

Wear a cap and socks

Wear 3 - 4 layers of clothing

Elderly and infants may stay indoors and keep warm

Persons with respiratory problems must take the prescribed medications

Never Ignore the warning signs

Take a nutritious diet

Maintain proper hydration

Keep the rooms well ventilated

It is important to patients with lung diseases to be cautious, consult their doctors and have an emergency plan ready for season.


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