Delhi HC: Keeping weapon is not a fundamental right

Delhi HC: Keeping weapon is not a fundamental rightUpdated on : 10-07-2017 12:20 PM
No one has a fundamental right to keep weapons, Delhi high court observed, saying weapons are meant for protection and not to show off.

The high court noted that the objective of the Arms Act was to ensure that weapons are available to people for self-defence, but it "does not mean that every individual should be given a licence", adding that "the grant of arms licence is a privilege conferred by the Act.”

The court pointed out how "individuals seek to possess arms mostly to show that they are influential. Arms are even being used indiscriminately for celebratory firing at wedding".

The petitioner had sought a gun licence saying he deals in up to Rs 3 lakh cash every day and needed protection.

The observation by Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva came while rejecting a private company official's plea for an arms licence, a request which was denied to him by the licensing authority of the police as well as the Lieutenant Governor (LG).


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