Three students of Class 6 initiate revolution in energy

Three students of Class 6 initiate revolution in energyUpdated on : 05-03-2017 01:57 PM
Three class six students are behind this charger on a bicycle invention.

Mobile phone chargers in cars are common but a charger on a bicycle!! Strange but true and behind this invention are, believe it or not 3 class six students of Mount Everest Public School of Ramgarh in Jharkhand.

A technique that can charge mobile phones without electricity.

The bicycle motor converts mechanical energy to electrical with the movement of the cycle's wheels. The technique can also be used to generate energy to light up homes.

The massive telecom revolution in the country has ensured that mobile phones have reached the most remote areas but the lack of electricity poses a major hindrance.

Innovations like these are slowly ensuring that the problem of electricity supply is no bar when it comes to development.

A major force that has boosted this kind of initiative is Prime Minister’s call for skill India.

In this school itself students have created the most unique objects.

Roving that a few inspiring words can set the wheels of a great revolution in motion.

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