Promoting demonetisation in a unique way!

Promoting demonetisation in a unique way!Updated on : 11-01-2017 11:31 AM
Promoting demonetisation in a unique way is a shopkeeper in Bidar. Chandrashekhar Pasarje has offered customers a sari at the price of one rupee each.

The only condition is that they have to pay him with one rupee notes and not coins.

While he believes he is promoting demonetisation, he is also aiming at creating a new record for his scheme will continue till one lakh saris are sold.

In a unique initiative in Karnataka's Bidar, a shopkeeper is offering customers saris at the price of one rupee each.

His goal is to help the poor tide over the cash crunch posed by demonetisation. His only condition the money has to be paid with a one rupee note and not with coins.As expected the response has been tremendous

Crowds thronged Chandrashekhar Pasarje's shop to avail his offer. And as delighted customers chose their pick, an even happier Pasarje said that he would continue his scheme till one lakh saris were off the shelves

the scheme comes at a price for the enterprising seller. Each sari actually costs nearly a 100 and giving them away for such a measly sum is causing him losses.

But he says they are a gift and while his stocks are dwindling he says he will continue till his target of a lakh sarees is reached and he breaks a new record.


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